Distracted Driving Initiative by The National Auto Body Council

Serious accidents and fatalities on our roads and highways caused by texting and other forms of distracted driving are serious issues affecting our communities! Over the past few years these types of distractions have increased in frequency, becoming a major cause of vehicle collisions, many serious, some even fatal.

Statistics show that younger drivers between the ages of 16 and 25 are the most likely to be involved in these types of accidents. The National Auto Body Council’s Distracted Driving Initiative was created to help reduce these incidences and make the roads safer for all.

The Distracted Driving Initiative is an intra-industry program formed to educate young drivers on the dangers of inattentive and distracted driving. Industry participants cooperate to provide a compelling teaching environment at a local school, free of charge, using a total loss vehicle that has been in a serious accident. During the course of the school day, the instructor uses that exhibit, placed in a prominent area, along with supporting videos to help illustrate points that reinforce responsible, attentive driving and emphasize the potential risks of distracted driving.

Intra-industry community effort

Collision industry participation helps ensure the repercussions of a moderate- to high-speed collision at the structural level are communicated effectively. Questions from the students are encouraged. A more traditional teacher-classroom approach is available, if needed, and the Distracted Driving team can adapt to any existing program the school may have. The ultimate goal in every case is creating awareness in young drivers resulting in saved lives.

Members of the National Auto Body Council work with local insurance total loss managers to provide the collision damaged vehicle. There is no cost to the school, no insurance requirements and transportation of the demo vehicle is included.

Participants and Partnerships

Potential partners for the Distracted Driving Initiative at the local level include collision repair facilities, law enforcement, school public service officers, high school staff members, student body representatives, community college staff members, regional insurance total loss claims managers, salvage yard general managers (for example, IAA and Copart) and tow companies.

Who benefits?

Benefits of this program include:

  • Everyone – Saving lives through education and awareness
  • Collision Repairers – Building trust and relationships within the community
  • Insurance Industry – Potential reduction of insurance claims; proactive protection of insurance company loss ratios

In short, the National Auto Body Council Distracted Driving Initiative will help you improve our industry’s image through support of our communities and involvement with our local youth. Saving lives makes sense! Learn more at ItCanWait.